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The Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Centre for Women’s Sport program is designed to equip successful applicants with advantageous tools across a range of domains, including financial literacy and mental resilience.

This program is open to women in various sporting roles, from athletes to board members.

Applications close on July 11 2024.

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We have to close the gender gap in the Sports Industry.

The Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Centre for Women’s Sport was created to close the gender gap by providing an opportunistic environment for women and girls in sport, South Australia.

Women are underrepresented as athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, board members and receive much less sport media coverage in comparison to men. Although progress has been made, gender bias is still a concern.

The Centre aims to create equal opportunities for women and girls to play, manage and lead. The establishment of the program will position South Australia as a national leader in women’s sport by supporting and empowering women in all areas of sport.

The Centre will provide e core modules across social, psychological, physical and technical skills through mentoring, leadership support, career guidance, networking opportunities, and gender equity programs for male leaders. With the SA Government’s strong support, this will work collaboratively with the Women in Sport Taskforce to advance gender equity in sport and recreation in South Australia.


The Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Centre for Women’s Sport is dedicated to empowering women and girls in sport by offering a comprehensive range of services that are tailored to their unique needs. These services include:

  • Mentoring and leadership support
  • Career guidance and transitioning support
  • Media, social media, public speaking, and communication training
  • Education and training in identified ‘gaps’
  • Networking and share learning opportunities, across sports and disciplines
  • Coach and technical official development
  • Board and Management development
  • Gender equity programs for male leaders
  • Industry providers will deliver tailored modules in conjunction with Sport technical programs where required. Collective and personal development plans will also be co-developed through a facilitated process.

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